“The Heart of Maximum Care”

Using watercolors - been a long time... my younger son also painted a line and blurred 1 and 0 :D


In hospital on my ward my superior SF is asking me about some accessories we ordered for some artificial circulation system, high tech heart support. They are very expensive.
I don't recall ordering, and I feel like interrogated, but I get over my fear and somehow give the talk a different spin, saying we seemingly needed these parts to fit with the system of the patient, and how economic and ...

Well, at first I thought this is about hospital only. And how I become a leader, or how leaders are asking my advice.
But it is also about the heart of caring in a crazy, greed driven world. And it is about how I know I can't stop caring for my wife and kid(s), though at times it just seems impossible to care for everyone.
I know we can do it, we are resourceful, we are creative. We don't ...

“In the middle of a jammed crossing”

Why am I in this racer?

I want to take a left onto this road. Its lanes are separated by a stroke of green. I drive my car up to the middle, but have to move aside to the right for somebody suddenly coming from the other side. All of a sudden it's quite busy here in the middle of the crossing. There's also a wide variety of cars, even a few big trucks.

My car slides sideways. Only now do I notice that I'm sitting in ...

I'd rather trade a bit of that excessive speed for some comfort, like ... oh, a roof?

Anyway. In what way am I in a highspeed vehicle, stuck at a crossing together with other traffic? Wouldn't that bicycle be more useful?

Added later: I keep thinking of how there was such a variety of cars there.


The real passionflower.

Thunderstorms interrupted sleep twice last night.

There's nothing to remember about the dream except the music. When I woke up, I kept humming the first 10-15 seconds of the tune, knowing it was acoustic guitar, without lyrics.

I repeated it until I could find it in my music library.

The Song: Passionflower

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZqb_9qnXKM for your listening pleasure.

“Cash money!”

A surprise as I wake up

This dream clearly focuses on letting something appear, whereas the previous one was an exercise in letting disappear.

Time to get up. I look at my night stand. There's a stack of cash money there! Must be €50 bills and at least 5 of them. I'm so happy! Surprise money!

Briefly I assume that I just found it somewhere, as I (used to) have money laying around everywhere. No, that's no longer true. I had to use most of it.

How did it get there? Did I sell something unused for cash? I can't remember that ...

Now ... in terms of physical manifestation, I feel I closed a door by insisting that there had to be a rational explanation for the money.

I'm able to accept prizes even though I'm a little doubtful at first whether I entered the competition. Then I convinced myself I did, problem solved. At least in this case, there's already a context of winning something without needing much of an ...

“Astral Temple Sculptures”

This is as close as it gets...

I'm in a larger room, a corridor, as it seems. On both sides of the long walls there are sculptures of brass or gold. Three on each side. Their form is like what you would see of a half closed eye, or of the intersection of two circles. They are billowed like a sail, standing on their sharp edge. Nearly as high, as the ceiling, twice as high as me.
I think this is what another friend of ...

The goal of incubation:
"Let's join together in the Astral Temple to send the souls of those slaughtered in the Orlando LGBT terrorist attack into the LIGHT and bring LIGHT, LOVE, HEALING and PEACE into the HEARTS of all... especially those filled with hate, intolerance, judgement, vengeance and/or whom have malice intentions."

Only looking back now, I find I must have been in a version of ...

“Investors Report”

This comes close to its design, but bound as a book of course.

How did I get a seat at this table? A few people must have left. The conference room breathes space and focus. I point at a small booklet at the table. This is one of those regularly prepared reports on important commercial companies. I wouldn't mind having a subscription to those, I say.

The man at the other side of the table gently moves it towards me. I can take a look. Nice. I open it. The ...

A book full with stories. No heavy graphic design, no charts or graphics. It has a little design to it, but it aims to support reading the stories. Even the cover is wonderfully understated, but you just know it's not the kind of crap companies release themselves. This has the substance long term investors want to have.

Which energy pattern does my "company" have? In the insert, this was a ...

“The Strong Man”

There's a place for everyone on Dreamers United!

People want to go to bed. It is late. I'm sitting on a bed in spacious dorm that has a few more beds.

In the adjoining room I see a strong man chained to the wall, simply breaking his chains. The room has the same size as this one. His chain left him enough room to move through most of the room. I must look truly surprised, because another man gives me a look saying "yep, he is that strong". ...

Portraying Donald Trump as a cross between a circus artist and Alec Baldwin playing an insecure boy.

“Kibbles and Bits”

Kibbles and Bits

I dream that I am with my son. We're at a large warehouse distribution shopping center. We go into one store, and he loads his basket up with several 25 lb bags of Kibbles and Bits.

I look at him strangely. Why dog food?!?

"Yeah, mom. I need to save money so I buy in bulk."

But wouldn't you want to stock up on peanut butter and tuna fish?

He laughs at me.

Last night, my son and his fiance announced they are adopting a puppy. So it must have been on my mind before going to sleep.

But also, funny timing, as it could be a dream for the "Dog Dreamers" group ---- darn, I should have joined.

“Two Moose Come to Visit”

Moose on the Loose!

The dream begins in my old apartment in Providence. I hear a loud clomping up the back stairwell. Suddenly a mid sized moose appears in my kitchen. It's friendly, and I pet it's snout. I call it "Birdie"

Birdie tells me (telepathically) that she has brought a new friend with her. I tell Birdie we could go back outside to meet. Nope, too late. I heard louder clomping coming up the ...

Back to back dreams in the Providence location.

Telepathic moose!? This is getting fun, and that's a rather large animal.

More feminine energy surrounds the moose, but it's shared with male energy. This balance of male and female attributed to the moose comes from Native American legend. The Potawatomi tribe, a member of the Algonquin family, tell of the population of the land in one ...

“Dulcimer / Zither”

Dulcimer Duo

I dream that there are music lessons going on somewhere close by. I can hear stringed instruments, but they don't sound like a guitar or violin.

I peek my head around the corner and sitting in a white room wtih lots of chairs, there are two teenagers playing what looks like a dulcimer (zither?)

They are having fun with the practice, really laughing when they hit the wrong note -- ...

I connect this with learning something new. Sometimes, I hold back in fear of making mistakes in front of others. Why not just have fun with it? Understand we're all beginners at some point, and learn / create from mistakes?

There's also something about them learning to synchronize -- which probably has to do with dreaming.

“Can't Get a Flame”

I had several repeating dreams of trying to strike a match and each one fizzles.

I took it to mean that my dream maker was unable to connect with the other dreamers for a group dream.

“Which Island Would You Like?”

Fantasy island options.

I dream that I am a passenger on a water landing plane. I am being brought to a series of beautiful islands. Each island has it's own unique and beautiful landscape. Some have a small population. Some have dense flowers, waterfalls, a small mountain, etc. Also, there's an implication that even though the islands are part of a cluster, there is a subtle cultural difference between each island. ...

“Public presence”

part 2/2 - My profile & Flying Dogs

I'm in some office somewhere in the stadion, with a friend. There's a machine where I can change my public profile (page). Yes, it's time to do that. I'm not familiar with this machine/software.

A woman has entered the room and wants to also use the machine. Okay, she will have to wait. Somehow the machine got me to the part where you can find a (matching) house to live in. I find a house ...

Not necesssarily FTD, but I wanted to show it anyway.

“Great-Great Grandmother Appears”

Pretty dress dream.

In the dream, I see my great-great grandmother. She alters from young and old. She is standing in the beach house kitchen of my grandmother, and something is simmering on the stove.

She begins talking to me, seemingly very sad. She keeps asking why she wasn't invited to the wedding. She tells me she has a pretty dress to wear. I touch her shoulder and look right into her eyes.

I am ...

This great-great grandmother passed away long before I was born. A spiritual / alternative dimension dream. (Tag Dreaming with the Deceased)

“Only People Like You”

I'm driving and the driver in the car in front of me keeps slamming on his brakes for no reason. Finally in frustration, I jump out of my car and open his car door and pull him out by the arm. I throw him on the ground in anger intending to give him a good talking to (actually I'm amazed not only that I am doing this, but how easy it is - he is a big guy) He begins laughing and I realize there is ...

I'm struck by the phrase "only people like you" and wonder what he means by that, but I woke up at this point. I also noticed I was almost lucid.

“Plural Marriage”

I find myself married to several people of different sexes all at the same time. It didn't seem problematic which even in the dream seemed amazing and unrealistic.

“Henk and fast clouds”

The living room at the back of the house offers a great view on the meadows. The room's large enough to contain rows of couches next to each other, on both sides. Henk sits on one of the other couches accross me.

Henk says that he feels that he needs to come over to me. It used to be that I told him what to do, or what we would do. Well, I guess I'm no longer doing this. He seems ready to add ...

Henk's a friend who I would go to if I wanted to do something. He'd always agree.

What more could the part about clouds mean? They were nice white fluffy clouds, demonstrating an aliveness. They also managed to descend to almost ground floor window level, at least that's how it looked. Perhaps it was more like tree top level, but even that is remarkably low to the ground.

“Dog on the Road”

It must have been Saturday morning that I drove back home over the Schoener. There's a dog walking on the road. If it stayed where it was I could have driven around it, but I didn't trust it was paying attention. This dog didn't have a care in the world.

I hit the breaks with some force while the dog crosses over to the middle of the road, in front of me. It then walks to my left and gives me ...

Such things don't happen too often.

“Talking birds”

Reminding me of this one

Standing on a large balcony, wide and deep, almost a terrace, I lean on the bannister. It's a lovely day. There are birds sitting around me on the bannister. I look at the one sitting on the right from me. It has a snotty beak. It's black. I tell this small bird that it should clean up, because this will draw the attention of another type of bird who likes that. The little bird tells me "no" and ...

What's up with these birds? I don't know.

“Swimming with Dog-fish”

Photoshopped dog-fish

The dream begins where I am entering a swimming pond. I go underwater and open my eyes. I am surprised by the number of tropical fish there are. I come up for a breath of air, and go under again.

What's swimming towards me is a school of the oddest hybrid fish! It has the face of a dog, but the body of a fish.

I can't wait to tell someone. I swim to the shore and start tapping ...

“Unusual Dream Food”

Purple donuts and green Italian cookies...not your average breakfast.

The dream begins as I walk into a new breakfast restaurant. I see 7 friends and they have saved me a chair. I must be late! The menu here is extensive, and the waitress is already taking orders. I ask for her to surprise me.

I receive a plate of purple colored, lavender flavored mini-donuts stuffed with cream cheese, and a plate of green colored, pistachio nut pizzelle cookies.

I pass ...

“More strange rooms”

No floor, and situated in the hills, in the middle of some path.
Got to have food in my dreams

I've woken up. There's a guest sleeping in another bed. I move to my side of the room. Yikes, what a horrible room this is. It's old and badly maintained. Good thing I'll be leaving tonight, on a plane.

I look at the outside wall. Part of it is missing, part of it has been badly repaired. Some board has been fitted on to cover the missing part of the wall, but it has rotten away. I wish my dad ...

On the practical level, as much as my father loved building and construction work, he would not have fixed this. The mess of the first room was beyond fixing.

That first room also had no windows.

The glass version of the second room seems to be imposed over an outdoors terrain. Again no doors or windows, in the sense of there's nothing that would let people in or out. Yet there's also a ...

“Double suns”

Sundogs - apparantly this happens. I saw two on each side.
Photo by Jim Crail

We're looking at the sky. There are two suns next to each other. We're sitting in a bus. A third one appears further to the right.

Wait, says a man. I'm standing in the isle. He sits next to his wife. More's to come. A fourth one appeared. Now there are two pairs of suns, centered around another globe in the sky.

Centered around another globe!? What is going on?


Mine did not open. I crawled underneath.


There's a huge curtain in this open space. It's just hanging down from nowhere. I see myself walking on the right side, towards me. I see myself kneel down, lift up the curtain and crawl underneath. I see myself walking at the other side of the curtain. From my perspective as a viewer, there doesn't seem to be any difference.

At the same this all happens, some kind of boss says that he does ...

There's something about the curtain that suggests that whatever is behind it, good be very interesting, and figuratively show or teach what is going on behind the curtain.

Why I'm not welcome I don't know. It sounds so very omminous. I'm not even told to come back later. I'm simply not allowed in. I do it anyway. Nothing happens.

“The world regrouping”

Wandering around I come back to the multi-functional building with a promenade around it. The Italians have locked themselves into their room and are dancing and partying. Other nationalities, like for example the French, are in other rooms. Right now, I'm standing in front of the Italians. I understand. They are rebuilding themselves, after or during the current stressful events.

A woman ...

That is true. If there was such a situation, I would probably try to get into the Italian room.

“Broken non-closing door”

We're temporarily moving into this house, with a few folks part of some group, possibly some other people. I have a two-part room at the ground floor.

For the time being, this is not so bad. It means I have a room and a kitchen. Or a room to receive guest and the other room for myself. One of the other guys moving in here as part of the group is Stef, also at the ground floor.

I look at the ...

On my weekly groceries shopping I could not lock my car door. When I took the key out of my door, the whole lock came out of the door. I immediately had to think of the dream of only a few hours before. Another door that won't close, also quite outspoken about it.

Added later: There's a strong sense that the second room could be my more private room. The other one - with the non-closing door - ...

“Shapeshifters' Play”

We're in some kind of improvised play. We now all shift back in our original shape. Much to my surprise and delight, it turns out that half the actors are in fact animals. I look at a small pig, a rat and a large dog laying on the ground and on each other's lap, just like they did in their human form during the play.

I hope and assume that the nice girl remains close to her shape she had ...


“Triptych: Rescue operation”

Ai Weiwei, Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn, 1995.

Let's have a more detailed look at handling a tricky car situation. These were three separated dreams. I woke up between the first and second part. There was a pause between the second and third part.


Some car slowly slides sideways off a ramp into a canal. Bystanders are trying to rescue as much from this situation as possible. They're trying to stop the car. There may be some valuebles in the car as well, so if nothing else they're looking at saving those.

“Triptych: Rescue operation”

Triptych by Francis Bacon.


Someone interviews me. What would I do in a situation where some car would be falling into a canal? Would I try to interfere?

Hell, no! Too dangerous. The car could fall on top of you, you could get stuck inside. It's dangerous!

And it's just a car!

“Triptych: Rescue operation”

Phoenix and Dragon by DablurArt.


I'm witnessing the next part of the first scene, now with comments from the participants. Lots of things went wrong. Someone got stuck under the car, but it rolled over him and he came out all right. Someone mananged to climd into the car, but got stuck. He came loose when the car topped over again.

He's excited telling about it.

Okay, any bad situation can change again any moment.